Therapy Groups

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people at the same time around a problematic topic (e.g. addiction, depression, grief, and boundaries for children).

Therapy groups at the Probation Reporting Center

Money Management Class

Participants are educated on how to budget finances and make good financial decisions, how to build credit, how to develop an emergency fund, utilization of credit cards and debt reduction. Participants are assisted in learning the difference between want versus needs, when to spend money, when to save, the dangers of credit card purchases and the importance of saving and investing. Participants leave the class with a better understanding on how to successfully manage their overall finances.

Relapse Prevention Group

Participants (who have relapsed since completing a treatment program) are motivated, educated and prepared to resume a sober lifestyle. An individualized relapse plan is developed, reviewed and adjusted as needed. Participants will secure a support system to help them remain sober and stable in the community.

Parenting Class

Parents (who have children in the criminal justice system) are educated in observation, reflective communication, and collaboration using problem solving skills. Parents will develop an understanding of essential parenting skills necessary to improve family dynamics and the quality of life in their households.

Anger Management Group

Participants are educated on anger management, reconciliation, managing emotions and providing guidelines for daily living. Participants are assisted in differentiating between anger and aggression as well as the benefits and consequences of getting angry. Upon completion of the group, participants will be able to identify triggers, sources of resentment and anger, and develop strategies to move beyond them to stability in emotion and affect; as well as reconcile and re-establish relationships or learn to move on when reconciliation is not possible.

Courage to Change Class

Participants will be motivated and guided toward positive behavior change through group led interactive journaling in an unbiased and open forum to facilitate discussion, disclosure and self-awareness. Booklet topics include Social Values, Responsible Thinking, Self Control and Peer Relationships. Discussions over workbook materials will explore the impact of thinking errors and negative behavior patterns, and promote development of individualized change plans to address these areas.

Pre-Treatment Group

Participants are encouraged to self-evaluate their circumstances, are assisted in raising their conscious awareness, and are provided tactics and techniques to change their attitudes related to the use of mood-altering substances. Participants will also actively attend a 12-Step or other recovery-based meeting, will search for a sponsor, and will develop an increased understanding of formal substance use treatment.

Employment Services

Participants are assisted with technology, professionalism, career exploration, resume building, application submission, addressing criminal history, interviewing skills, employment retention skills, and succeeding on the job. The desired outcome is that participants will obtain and maintain suitable employment.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) at Oasis Counseling International

Adult Substance Abuse

This IOP program offers therapy for adults with substance abuse problems. It promotes abstinence-based thinking and incorporates the 12-step model. The treatment plan includes ten hours a week for twelve weeks of concentrated group, individual and/or family therapy sessions. Members will be encouraged and supported on their journey as they address those issues most impacting their lives and utilize personal strengths in relapse prevention and recovery.

Adolescent Dual Diagnosis

This IOP program offers therapy for adolescents with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. IOP is ten hours a week and is twelve weeks in duration. The program focuses on relapse prevention, substance abuse education and the development of coping strategies. Oasis has been approved by the State of Nebraska and Medicaid as a provider of an Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Abuse and Dependence and holds a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility license through the State of Nebraska.

Recovery After Care

After care is available to clients who have recently completed treatment in IOP, residential treatment, or require treatment in a group environment. We offer groups for both adults and adolescents. The primary purpose for this after care program is maintenance therapy.

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