In-Home Services

In-Home Services provide the opportunity for observation and coaching in skills to reduce risk and increase attachment between parents and children.

Specifically, we:

  1. Provide home services for youth with mental health diagnosis or substance abuse issues in conjunction with the supervising practitioner and therapist involved with the client.
  2. Focus on supplementing therapy done with youth by educating the child, family, or teacher as to how to deal with problems related to mental health or substance abuse.
  3. Link the youth with appropriate support systems, such as health, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and educational services within their community.

Programs Oasis Counseling offers are:

  • Family Support & Visitations for at-risk families
  • Medicaid Community Treatment Aide for children with mental health diagnoses
  • Probation Community Treatment Aide for juveniles with mental health and addiction issues
  • Community Response for at-risk families

The goals of In-Home Services are to:

  1. Teach Life Skills
    • Assist families in gaining or maintaining independence. Assist families in gaining or maintaining self-sufficiency.
    • Assist families in gaining personal development skills such as problem solving, stress reduction, and communication.
    • Improve family members’ skills in seeking and using personal and community support systems.
  2. Provide for Parent-Child Relationship Building
    • Assist parents in the provision of a safe and healthy home environment.
    • Increase family and individual communication skills.
    • Assist in development of more nurturing and responsive parenting skills.
    • Assist families in resolution of problematic behaviors and issues.
    • Assist families in development of clear roles, rules, boundaries, and expectations among all family members.
  3. Teach Parent Education
    • Strengthen and empower parents in their role.
    • Increase parents’ knowledge and understanding of child development stages.
    • Teach the use of non-violent discipline techniques.
    • Teach and promote pro-active parenting strategies.
  4. Implement Youth / Child Interventions
    • Assist in the promotion of school attendance.
    • Develop interpersonal skills.
    • Develop child’s coping skills for managing behavior.
  5. Support Adolescents and Their Families
    • Assist parents in working with children who have a mental health diagnosis.
    • Access family environment and network with therapists.
    • Implement therapist’s goals in the home.

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