Norfolk Senior High School

Norfolk Senior High School educates grades 10-12 and is part of the Norfolk Public School System.

Average enrollment is 910 students. 

The Assistant Principal is Bill Robinson.

Norfolk Senior High has a Counseling Center that serves students in grades 10-12.  The developmental guidance program promotes school success through a focus on academic achievement, career and personal/social developmental.  The School Counselors work with all students, school staff, families, and members of the community.

Norfolk Senior High’s Counseling Center has a mission of providing guidance and counseling service to all students in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development so they may reach their full potential as citizens in a changing society.

Counselors on staff include: Virginia Hilkemann, Susan Stranghoener, Janet Johnson, Rhonda Collins, and Juli Rohleder.



Contact: Stephen Morton, Principal Address: 801 Riverside Boulevard
Norfolk NE 68701
Email: Website:
Phone: 402-644-2529 Toll Free: