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Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska operates within a service area covering 12 counties in Nebraska: Boyd, Burt, Douglas, Holt, Knox, Lancaster, Madison, Platte, Polk, Sarpy, Stanton, and Wayne.  Pottawattamie and Woodbury counties in Iowa are also served, along with Charles Mix county in South Dakota. 

Services are available to those eligible.  You must be an enrolled Ponca member living within the service area, an enrolled Ponca member living anywhere, or a member of any federally recognized tribe. The public program is available to anyone. 

The Buffalo Program services to restore and retain buffalo on Ponca lands. 

The Culture Department aims to restore and preserve traditions, customs, language, and history of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. 

The Ponca Tribe offers higher education/vocational training support and graduate/post graduate education support.

The Johnson O’Malley Program supports children K-12 and is available to any member of a federally recognized tribe who is a resident of Madison County, NE.

The Job Empowerment Program (JEP) is a grant funded program that is commited to preparing Tribal members for competitive employment.  Applicants must reside in the Ponca service area. 

The Energy Conservation program helps to assure the best use of current and future sources of energy both at the Tribal and the member level.

The Environmental Program provides radon testing, lead testing, and mold assessments to help protect the lives of Ponca’s members.

The Ponca Tribe offers a variety of different family services.  Childcare is provided to eligible clients with financial daycare assistance for children birth to age 12 while parents are working or attending school.  Recipients must be free from Department of Health and Human Services sanctions and past due daycare bills.  The domestic violence advocacy program provides crisis/emergency services for victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking. These services can include case management, transportation, legal and court advocacy, protection order applications, and shelter referral and placement.  Individual and family crisis case management are available through direct and referral services.  Direct services include enrollment assistance, budgeting, elder care services, funeral assistance, and application for PTN and government forms including medicare, social security, PTN and income based housing and resource agencies. The case management also provides assistance to families and transportation.

The Ponca Tribe also supports mental health by providing drug and alcohol evaluations, individual counseling services, psychological evaluations, etc. Their Behavioral Health for Youth prevention program educates youth on the harm of alcohol and drugs with weekly activities, summer camps, and other various activities. They also provide community health services and contract health services that assist with payment of healthcare.  Their diabetes program provides quality healthcare services through diabetes prevention, educational information, and direct care.

The Ponca Tribe Court handles civil matters including divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, name changes, and guardianship.

The Northern Ponca Housing Authority is a tribally designated housing entity that provides housing services to low-income Ponca members and other qualified Native Americans. 

The Ponca Express provides transportation service for hearcare, education, social services, public services, and recreacation services. 

The Tribal Youth Council provides opportunites for youth to participate in Tribal/community events and the Circle of Nations Youth Council.  This is for youth ages 14 through 21.

The Tribal Youth Program provides support services to Native American youth ages 7 through 17 who have been involved in the juvenile system. 

The Chaffee Program provides assistance with independent living services for youth who may be aging out of the foster care system.

Office hours in the Summer are 7:30am to 4:00pm and in the Winter they are 8:00am to 4:30pm by appointment only.



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