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The Scriptures, A Mirror to the Soul

By Executive Director, Dr. Mark E. Stortvedt

Dr. Stortvedt’s research contrasting people with mental health diagnoses with those without, uncovered significant insights for consideration in holistic treatment.  Therapy has done a good job of helping people cope with specific situations, but there has been a gap in helping people discern what God wants to accomplish in the molding and shaping of a life and how specific circumstances and events are connected to that process.  This book fills that gap as the reader learns to identify themes in his life through identifying with which Bible characters and Bible stories he relates the most. The themes in these characters and stories then become a source of insight for how to find hope and respond to the challenges at hand as well as to understand what God is seeking to accomplish, thus bringing about a sense of meaning and purpose.  It explores the spiritual journeys of ten Bible characters and provides meaning and insight for the reader’s own life or for clients.

Building upon Dr. Lee Spitzer’s Endless Possibilities spiritual direction model and Dr. Stortvedt’s own original clinical research, he combines creative theological insight with sound psychological understanding in order to provide a solid Biblical perspective on how God directs and guides people. The Scriptures: A Mirror to the Soul provides a holistic perspective which will unlock a new dimension of personal healing or therapy.

The book is available on AmazonThe Abbey Christian Store, and the Oasis Counseling International office in Norfolk.

Journey Worship

By Mark Stortvedt

Executive Director, Dr. Mark Stortvedt, has also produced a CD of his original music called Journey Worship.  This CD is a compilation of songs he wrote about his journey through life.  Mark’s love for rhythm and tight harmonies perfectly fit to communicate a message that is deep and enjoyable.  The 10 songs on the album show the versatility of Mark’s ability to compose, showcasing jazz, rock, classical and French and Carribean world music.

The CD is available at retailers in Norfolk, Omaha and Lincoln. You may also purchase Journey Worship through and For more information check out Mark on Facebook.

Dr. Mark Stortvedt

Dr. Stortvedt draws from a rich experience of over 30 years of pastoral ministry and work as a clinical therapist.  He founded Oasis Counseling International because of his passion to see people realize their full potential and destiny through spiritual healing.  He has a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and both a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and a Ph.D. in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Biblical Life College and Seminary.

Dr. Stortvedt believes in a team approach to therapy and has created a sense of family and teamwork among his staff of over 30 therapists, family support workers, administrative staff and psychiatrist.  He has a strong belief in teamwork and has partnered through Oasis in forming vital collaboration with many community-based agencies as well as state educational and legal institutions.  Mark and his wife Colleen have also done international seminars, consulting, and training in several countries. 

On the Road to Freedom, A Tool Kit for Christian Counselors

By Dr. Colleen Stortvedt

Staff member Dr. Colleen Stortvedt has written a counseling manual calledOn the Road to Freedom: A Tool Kit for Christian Counselors.  The unique approach Dr. Stortvedt has taken is to offer a comprehensive overview of contemporary approaches to Christian counseling and to develop insights regarding which approach would be most beneficial to use with which specific mental health diagnosis.  As a seasoned and experienced therapist of over 22 years she has also developed many practical tools and diagrams to help clients understand these concepts and gain more personal insight and application through creative homework assignments and games. 

The approaches included in her summary include spiritual warfare (Neil Anderson’s Seven Steps to Freedom and Mark and Patti Virkler’s Seven Prayers that Heal the Heart), dealing with past traumas (Ed Smith’s Theophostic Prayer, emotional maturity and brain science by Jim Wilder, and Peter Scazzero’s work on emotional health), boundaries (Cloud and Townsend), spiritual journeys (Lee Spitzer), and spiritual journey therapy (Mark Stortvedt). 

The second section of the book focuses on topics or themes most often dealt with in therapy, including identity, shame, perfectionism, rejection, forgiveness, repentance and suffering.  Dr. Stortvedt draws from the work of several authors to provide a good understanding of each of these areas from a biblical perspective.  She also provides specific ideas on how to use the Scriptures in therapy and how to creatively draw upon other disciplines such as music, drama and art. 

The final section of the book draws upon the rest of the book to provide ideas regarding which tools may be helpful in dealing with some of the most common diagnoses or issues (dealing with trauma, grief, impulse control, anxiety, and depression).  The reader is referred by page number to materials throughout the book which could be used for each individual issue.  Following is a link to the charts and diagrams provided in a printable format. 

The book is available on Amazon, The Abbey Christian Store, and the Oasis Counseling International office in Norfolk. 

To obtain CEU’s using this book please visit  For a course discount of 20%, use the code: On the Road to Freedom.

Dr.Colleen Stortvedt

Dr. Stortvedt received a master’s degree in adult education from Iowa State University, another master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University, and a doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Biblical Life College and Seminary. In addition to being a therapist, training new therapists, and being the intern supervisor for Oasis Counseling International, she is an adjunct professor for Wayne State College.

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