Oasis Counseling International is excited to share that we were awarded a $1,500.00 grant from the Norfolk Area Community Foundation Fund, an affiliate of the Nebraska Community Foundation, for our Befriend Mentoring Program.  Befriend is a bridge that brings hurting and helping people together.  We match fragile families in the Norfolk area to caring mentor families who model healthy habits, attitudes and behaviors.  Befriend offers weekly support, encouragement and accountability to vulnerable people.  It is an opportunity to be connected in a positive relationship that encourages personal growth and creates a support network in the community.  Befriend is a volunteer program and offered free of charge to all participants.  Oasis will use this grant money to help pay for the cost of employing a coordinator to recruit participants, train mentors and match families as well as for administrative expenses such as background registry checks to ensure everyone’s safety.  We thank the Norfolk Area Community Foundation Fund for their support and partnership which has enabled Oasis to keep offering this valuable mentoring tool in Norfolk for those experiencing challenges in their lives.  Befriend is making a difference in this community, one family at a time!